Hiking – The first trail is a self-guided tour all the way to the bottom of the most impressive waterfall of Costa Rica which is second to none in beauty and splendor; it throws itself 90 meters into an old extinct volcanic crater. First 500 meter of the trail is flat and has several fantastic lookouts; second part is also 500 meters with steps with high impact. People with heart conditions or any other medical condition, older people, pregnant women, etc. should not go down. For the rest of the people they need to take their time coming back up. The 350+ steps are safe and partly made of concrete and it has several sitting areas and views are incredible.

While hiking down do not forget to look up once in a while to enjoy the rock formations of this ancient volcanic crater and all its colors. Probably you will also notice the special chemical composition of the water.

Whoever takes the effort to go down will be rewarded with a great experience!

Duration: 90 minutes.
Age: 4 – 75.
Weight: heavy.
Price: included in entrance fee.
Reservation: not needed.

The second trail leads you through the forest and garden – This easy hike brings you to the edge of the crater from where you easily spot the waterfall from different angles. Besides that, the trail goes through a primary forest with some nice trees, with a spectacular view of the canyon and the national park. Make a walk in our ever-under-construction-bird-garden which has been designed to attract birds and all kind of animals. So, you will not see that much flowers.

We have been planting: lots of fruit trees from the area which will attract numerous birds under which the toucan and the quetzal; bananas for the monkeys and birds, bushes with flowers which already attracts hundreds of hummingbirds, heliconia’s, etc. Soon we will make some seating areas from where you can enjoy the amazing views and peace.

We apologize that it is not finished yet but like all good things in live: It takes time but it is coming…

Duration: 45 minutes.
Age: all.
Weight: light.
Price: included in entrance fee.
Reservation: not needed.


There is actually a third trail that leads you to the rappel section. But for security reasons this is permanently closed as you end up at the edge of the 90 meters drop without a fence. If you want to go ask permission and maybe we will let you go.

Duration: 10 minutes.
Weight: light.

Hike to the Blue Falls – Full

Park your car at Catarata Del Toro, Costa Rica’s Ultimate Secret® use the restrooms, get your ticket and from there we will start walking over the public road, enter the farm, cross a river, cross the beautiful farm with very nice views, trees and birds until we end up in the Blue River. Thirty minutes till this point. Now the real tour can start: … read more.

Duration: 4-5 hours.
Age: 18 – 65.
Price: USD50.
Weight: heavy.
Requirements: participants need to have a very good health and condition.
Reservation: needed.

New extreme Hike – we are trying to organize it from June 2018 on.
Duration: 3-4 hours.
Age: 18 – 50.
Price: USD35.
Weight: extremely heavy.
Requirements: participants need to have an extremely good health and condition.
Reservation: needed.

Hiking to Poás
Sorry….but we cannot offer this tour anymore. We are notified by the Poás Park manager that we are not allowed to come to the edge of the crater anymore. So, we won’t. By the way since April 2017 the Poás is very active. You can be cooked in a second. Better not to come to close.

The tour was a walk of seven hours. Four hours up and three hours down. If you will ever make this tour one day, you will never forget it. The pictures are just for illustration purposes only, and to show you the beauty.

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End of Hiking

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