Second To None In Beauty And Splendor!

Welcome to Catarata Del Toro, a private reserve in the center of Costa Rica. This really unique piece of property will offer you what you never would have expected: beauty, extraordinary beauty!

The location, the rock formations, the complete setup, the forest, the lookouts, the experience when you are down in the old volcanic crater with the waterfall tumbling in, it is breathtaking. And if you stay at the top you will enjoy the forest, garden and all the amazing hummingbirds circling around your head. The most used words from our clients when they come back from the trails are: Amazing and Magnifique!

We offer exactly that what brought you to Costa Rica in the first place: pure nature and pure beauty, as it was created. So please put Catarata Del Toro on your ‘Must Do While I Am In Costa Rica’ list.

We are perfectly located in the center of the hotspots: San José / Sarapiquí / La Fortuna and we are easy accessible through the towns of Sarchí, Zarcero or Rio Cuatro and Venecia. Just take a slightly different route or a little detour and you will be rewarded with incredible scenic views, peace and adventure at the same time.

Please check out: and after watching choose with your right mouse button ‘Little Planet View’.  Some amazing drone made videos and photos are here to download: (7 videos – 1.6 GB) and (138 files – 153,2 MB). It will show you our project and surrounding area. Hope you will like them as much as we do.

Opening hours and pricing:
Monday to Saturday from 07.00-17.00 hours, Sunday closed.
Entrance fee USD 14.

Note: We are not affected in anyway by the latest Poás activity.
All roads are open, our trails are open and safe en we are operating normally.

See you soon or hasta pronto,

Pura Vida,

Wil and Donais

"If you think you have seen it all and
did not see Catarata Del Toro then
you have not seen anything."

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