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After many years of being almost unnoticed, we are very grateful that that is changing rapidly. And it is not a small change, but it is a considerable change. We can mention a double-page picture in the Lonely Planet 2018, and now in their 2019 edition, the Catarata Del Toro shows its beauty at the welcome page. Then we appeared in the German Stefan Loose travel book for the first time. Catarata Del Toro was starring in October 2019 in the United Airlines inflight magazine Hemispheres and with a beautiful piece of text reserved for the Blue Falls of Costa Rica ergo Las Gemelas. And last but not least, Moon Travel guides 2020 will have the Catarata Del Toro at the cover!

Besides all the above mentioned, you can see pictures of the Catarata Del Toro and the Blue Falls of Costa Rica worldwide in travel blogs and videos. We know that one photo won a worldwide contest. We have seen pictures of it above the check-in counters at SJO international airport. It appeared in Cataratas y Leyendas, a specific book about waterfalls in Costa Rica. The last known fact is that Catarata Del Toro will appear in an edition of the ‘Bachelor’ show in February 2020.

Travel blogs

Talking about travel blogs, two specific we want to bring to your attention. A Dutch-based one called ‘Reis junks’ and a very well-read Costarican based, English travel blog of great importance ‘Mytanfeet Travel Blog.’

Anyway, we are happy and grateful for all the above. And Catarata Del Toro and surroundings and Blue Falls of Costa Rica with the seven blue waterfalls will show up in many more appearances shortly. Keep your eyes open, enjoy, and hopefully, see you soon.

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet
Stefan Loose Travel
Stefan Loose Travel
United Airlines Hemispheres
United Airlines Hemispheres
United Airlines Hemispheres
United Airlines Hemispheres
MyTanFeet Travel Blog
Moon - travel guides 2020


We want to share some links that might be interesting to you.

Travel:  Rent a 4×4 roof tent Camper – Nomad America.

Real Estate: Del Toro Real Estate S.A. – At Your Service.

Photography: Deep Green Photography

Birds: Costarican Bird Route

You Tube: Documentary – HOME.

new road valley bajos del toro


Entertaining downloads of the Catarata Del Toro, Blue Falls of Costa Rica, building lots, and a few videos from the valley of Bajos Del Toro. Beautiful!

Catarata Del Toro – videos:  (7 files – 1,6 GB)
Catarata Del Toro – photos:  (138 files – 153,2 MB)

Blue Falls of Costa Rica – videos: (10 files – 4.1 GB)
Blue Falls of Costa Rica – photos: (39 files – 136.8 MB)

Building lots in Bajos Del Toro, close to the waterfall: (30 files – 1.6 GB)

The beauty of Bajos Del Toro:

1 out 5:      (4 files – 2.2 GB)
2 out 5:        (1 file – 2.8 GB)
3 out 5:             (1 file – 3.3 GB)
4 out 5:      (2 files – 2.8 GB)
5 out 5:       (2 files – 2.1 GB)

Important and most important

Above you have seen essential press releases, some links, and downloads but please do not forget the most important one:

We like to use this moment to draw your attention to the most needed ones in Central-America. Like always, that is the children. AMG Guatemala, a Christian non-profit organization, that helps almost 8.000 children daily. They provide food, education, medical care, safety, the Gospel, and more. Nearly all of these children are from broken families and are in some way (severe) hurt, and therefore, they need your help. So, please watch the video hereunder, which will show you the ‘why.’

You can find their website here, and please support it. And due to your support, a child’s life will change for the best!

Thank you.

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