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Our second-biggest natural attraction besides the waterfall is birds. And we are proud to be home for a wide variety of hummingbirds under which a few scarce species. When clients enter the restaurant, usually the first words they speak are: ‘Look at all those hummers, amazing!‘ And some clients we have to persuade to start the waterfall tour, else they would take only pictures. Many other birds visit our place, too; think about the Oropendola Montezuma, toucan, black turkey, hawks, vultures, and the trogon.

Our bird list is here.

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hawk catarata del toro

The ‘Catch’ of one day

On a Saturday in August, a tour guide of the nearby town of Zarcero visited us with his wife. Both are enthusiastic professional birders. From 15.00 pm till 10.00 am next day they spotted the following birds: Tropical kingbird, Melodious Blackbird, Swallow-tailed Kite, Slaty flower purser, Cherrie’s tanager, White-tailed kite, Slaty-backed nightingale thrush, Streak headed woodcreeper, White hawk, Scaly throated foliage gleaner, Scaly-breasted pygmy tyrant, Streak breasted tree hunter, Spotted barb tail, Sooty faced finch, Chestnut-capped brush finch, Buff-rumped warbler, Black-breasted wood quail, Black-breasted wood wren, Common tody flycatcher, Common bush tanager, Brown jay, Yellow-faced grassquit, Slate-throated Redstar, Blue-grey Tanager, Montezuma oropendola, Peg-billed finch, Crested guan, Rufous-winged woodcreeper, Silver throated tanager, Thorntail hummingbird, Brown violet ear hummingbird, Green hermit, Green-crowned brilliant, Black-bellied Hummingbird, Rufous-tailed hummingbird, Coppery headed Emerald, Violet Sabrewing, Purple-throated mountain gem, Collared trogon, Black vulture, Clay coloured thrush, Social flycatcher and the Rufous-collared sparrow.

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The garden, we designed it to attract birds and which is so to speak ever-under-construction. So far, it took us already a few years and probably it will take another few years to mature. But little by little, something beautiful is coming up. Our philosophy in this is that if we attract birds, then the rest of the Eco-system will follow. Our ultimate goal is to attract the Quetzal on a permanent base. The Quetzal is native to the area but needs a better habitat. And till now, we never met a person who did not like birds. If you want to take a walk and enjoy the views and peace of the garden or want to spot as many birds as you can, it is all here.

51 hectares

Some inside information: at our Blue Falls section (51 hectares), we are planting already hundreds and hundreds of native fruit trees. Especially at the slopes of the creeks and combined with the garden our area will become a bird paradise!

hummingbirds catarata del toro (2)


As said before: birds are essential to us, and many birders have found our place; many more will follow. Good to know that we do allow multi-flash setups but only with reservations, and you have to bring all the equipment and know-how. Prices for birders are the same as for everybody else even if you stay the whole day, except for the multi-flashers. Please see our prices.

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