About us

About us

Catarata Del Toro is a privately owned reserve of 92 hectares. The sanctuary’s location is a little north of San José and the international airport Juan Santamaria and the Caribbean side of the central mountain range. We have two national parks as neighbors for three kilometers— Juan Castro Blanco and Poás. Juan Castro Blanco is one of the two water parks globally. So, all this creates a ‘lost in the jungle’ feeling of 20.000 hectares. The first neighbors in the south and north are one kilometer away, and we are neighbor-free in the east and west. Our location is in the valley of Bajos Del Toro, which is unspoiled. You will find mountains, many more waterfalls, forests, national parks, and wildlife.

As a result, this creates many opportunities for sustainable tourism. The area needs rooms in all price ranges. If you consider Eco-tourism a viable source of income, check out this area.

September 2005

We have opened since that month 10 hectares for the public. This section includes the most beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica: ‘Catarata Del Toro.’ This waterfall is the waterfall you have to see before leaving the country. And since April 2017, we have been simultaneously running our second project: ‘Blue Falls of Costa Rica.’ We are trying to develop this project to full maturity in the coming years. Besides those two projects, we also offer some real estate developments in building lots.


Catarata Del Toro and Blue Falls of Costa Rica want to offer visitors a ‘BIG WOW’ experience. And the ‘Wow’ comes naturally due to nature itself. We keep everything as natural as possible and by the simple philosophy of: ‘WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.’ Visitors always leave different as they came in, most of them with a special extra love for nature and the overwhelming beauty of Costa Rica.



We open the reserve to the public from Monday to Saturday for a reasonable price, so all our clients will receive value for their money.



We experienced climate change. If you have watched the news lately, you know what this is all about. Just see what is happening in Australia, California, Siberia and Greenland. Nonetheless, above all, the before-mentioned climate change, we know and feel that we are responsible for acting as good stewards of this earth. And our location between two national parks gives us a unique chance to preserve what we have. And also to create special zones and buffers for the ecosystems. The ultimate goal is to develop an extraordinary tourist attraction based on the reserve’s natural beauty and surroundings with as little human impact as possible. Let’s hope that many will receive a blessing out of it, economically, physically, mentally, and for decades.

Support needed

We like to use this moment to draw your attention to the most needed ones in Central America. Like always, that is the children. Continue reading here.

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