The perfect day trip

The perfect day trip.

As our place is getting more and more well-known, see press-links-downloads, we understand that it is still unknown territory for many. And that is too bad, as you can have one of your best days here at our place and nearby. Even the trip back and forth has many different things to offer. That is why we want to help you make the right choices. If we are wrong, please let us know if we were right, please pass the word to somebody else.

Living in this area for 15 years, we still love it, and every time we leave the city behind us and start climbing up the mountains, we feel happy and blessed. We want to offer you some helpful ideas for a perfect day trip, and it is a very affordable one.

Usually, people spend their first day(s) and last day(s) close to the international airport SJO. As you do not want to waste much time acclimatizing or waste a whole day waiting in your hotel room for your flight back home, you can find ‘The perfect day trip.’ You will see a lot in just one day for only a few dollars.

For many of our clients, it was the highlight of the entire Costarican trip.

Where is your hotel located?

Thank you for your time, and hopefully, we will see you soon, you will not regret it, promised!

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