What is nature? 

Let’s define: Nature is everything around us, not made by humanity. Or, as Google explains: The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.

Nature in Costa Rica is overwhelming; nobody disagrees with this. Drive a few miles, and everything changes, drive a few hours, and you are in a different climate zone. So, let’s share our love for this small country, especially this place, by showing you a little bit of what you can experience in Catarata Del Toro. But the best will be to come over and explore it yourself :).

Soils   –   Rock formations   –   Trees   –   Flowers   –   Birds   –   Mammals   –   Snakes   –   Insects

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We live on volcanic soils, and the active crater Poás is only 6 kilometers away. Soils are fertile and covered with dense forest. You will find big plants at the base, called the ‘poor men umbrella,’ with their leaves burned due to the acid water.

poor men's umbrella catarata del toro

Rock formations

A few words about columnar jointing in basalt right behind the waterfall: columnar jointing forms in lava flows in most cases and is somewhat a relatively rare feature. Columns are straight and regular (but sometimes curved) with 4 to 7 faces (check the steps along the steep track to the waterfall). It is commonly interpreted as resulting from rapid cooling from the top downward, most likely in water presence. Below, the columnar jointing unit is a different, more altered (orange color is due to clay minerals that form during alteration) group with bombs and scoriae. Unlike columnar jointing, which results from the effusion of basaltic lava, such a feature results from a more explosive event before the columnar basalt eruption.

Rappel landing zone catarata del toro


You will find magnificent trees all over the place, and do not forget to look up once and a while! It can be breathtaking.

Big tree catarata del toro


Most flowers we have planted are there to attract the hummingbirds, and the forest produces a wide range of wildflowers.

White flower catarata del toro


Birds are a significant part of the project. We want to show you one picture here but go for more information and photos to Birds and Garden.

mot mot catarata del toro (2)


Not so easy to spot as birds, but we have mammals are walking around, under which: howler monkeys, anteater, opossum, coati, ocelot, and the jaguarundi. It is always exciting to encounter one.

Bear at Catarata Del Toro


99% of our clients will never see one, and they are happy about that. But we can assure you that they are there. Once and a while, a snake visits our open-air restaurant in broad daylight! Let’s say it this way; your heartbeat will go up if you encounter one. Just do not fear; keep a distance and take them seriously. That is all, and nothing will happen.

Parrot snake catarata del toro


After living so many years in Costa Rica, we are surprised by all the new insects we discover regularly. Some have headlights or are silver- or gold-colored. Your imagination is too small to picture the diversity, and that only in our little place. Just one example.


Rhino beetle Catarata Del Toro


It is understandable and impossible to show everything from every subject here. However, we wanted to get your attention and that if you have a particular interest in one or more issues shown here, please make sure you have enough time and do not forget your camera. Thank you for your time and attention; we appreciate it and hopefully will see you soon.

Frog eggs catarata del toro
Blue Falls of Costa Rica
Nine banded Armadillo
frog blue falls of costa rica
Catarata Del Toro
Yellow anteater catarata del toro
Bear at Catarata Del Toro

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