Are you looking for a place to stay? Well, we have bad news and good news. The bad news is that Catarata Del Toro no longer has rooms for rent. And the good news is that there are many new options in the area.

One of them is a charming, cozy chalet just 300 meters north of us called Casa de Campo. Best for a couple, and it is $50 per night. Check out and see if it fits you. Or contact the owner directly at +506 8357-0585.

chalet bajos del toro


chalet bajos del toro
chalet bajos del toro
chalet bajos del toro

There are some other places in the Bajos Del Toro area.

The list is incomplete, but here are the best-known ones.
– Casa de Campo: +506 8357-0585.
– SelvaTica Del Toro: +506 8774-8016.
– Terraza del Café Logan: +506 8792-3116.
– Toro River Lodge: +506 8712-1895.
– Blue Morpho Lodge: +506 2476-0607.
– Bajos Rooms: +506 8446-6286.
– Cabinas Mis Sueños: +506 2476-0023.
– Hotel El Silencio ****: +506 2476-0300.

And some places close to Bajos Del Toro:
– Hotel del Bosque – Rio Cuatro: +506 8563-0433.
– Recreo Verde – Marseilla: +506 4070-1611.
– Los Gallitos – San Miquel: +506 8685-7946.
– Epic Adventure Lodge – San Miquel: +506 8743-8743

For more options, see or Airbnb.

Best place to stay near the airport (SJO).

If you arrive late afternoon or evening at the international airport, pick up your rental car and find your hotel. Or if your flight leaves early in the morning and you want to stay near the airport.

We highly recommend a lovely hotel with an amiable host:
Villa Margarita in La Garita.

villa margarita

The best hostel is close by in the city of Grecia.

Are you looking for a hostel outside the big city but not too far out? Then Grecia is the place to go. Easily reachable by public bus, this town offers the perfect base to explore the Póas area and our two projects. Please get in touch with the amiable owners of this hostel. They will help you explore and make your trip to Costa Rica unforgettable. See their website: Mangífera Hostel.

Hostel Grecia

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