We welcome you to our open-air restaurant, which does not function anymore as a restaurant. We recently changed the use of the restaurant, and that, so far, works very well for us.  And for most of the clients also. Now it functions as the main entrance and the first positive interaction with what we offer.

All our clients like the restaurant’s setup and focus their attention mostly directly on the hummingbirds circling freely around.

Well back to the coffee now.
Good to know, however, is that we do serve coffee, natural juices, cakes, cold drinks, freshwater, and candy bars. And once and a while we make hamburgers and panini’s and lately, we even sell homemade ice creams which are tasty.

For a more extended meal, we have to refer you to the nearby town. We are in a transit period with the kitchen. And we have to see how and when we can bring a full service again, time will tell.

For those really in need of a big meal, please ask!

Most people like to relax after the hike in a natural atmosphere and watch the hummingbirds, and a big meal is secondary.

We hope to see you soon,

Beautiful girl catarata del toro