Most beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica

Welcome to probably your best waterfall experience ever in Costa Rica. You will explore Costa Rica’s biggest and most beautiful waterfall: Second to None in Beauty and Splendor. The waterfall has a natural setting and is so beautiful that it will touch you. We invite you to come over and explore this rough diamond by yourself.

waterfall catarata del toro


First of all, park your car safe and secure, buy your entrance tickets, and use the restrooms. Secondly, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of hummingbirds circling in the restaurant. And thirdly, if needed, you can refill your water bottle with fresh mountain water and get ready to explore.

Only a few steps

It takes only a few steps down for the first view of the crater and waterfall. Then, it takes only those few steps for the first giant ‘WOW.’ Walk alongside the fence to spot the waterfall and extinct crater from different angles. Also, there is seating where you can enjoy fantastic views in peace and experience the beauty of the place. Alone or together!

Catarata Del Toro

Start walking

After the first impression, it is time to start exploring. First, walk through the primary forest trail, where you will encounter some beautiful trees. And from where you can see the waterfall from different angles. And they all have their beauty. Keep walking until reaching the concrete steps, take a deep breath, and descend. Suppose there are 182 steps made of concrete; after those, you make a left turn. Well, at this point, if you listen carefully, you can hear another waterfall tumbling. However, unfortunately, for safety reasons, unreachable.

Keep following the trail up and down. Look up once and a while to see impressive rock formations. Step by step, this rough diamond reveals its beauty to you.

Catarata Del Toro

The grand final

You will finally reach the bottom by encountering more seating areas with their unique views. And listen to the sound, very special. In this place, you will experience the majesty of the waterfall tumbling down in an ancient volcanic crater. Here you can also see the results of the unique chemical composition of the water. You will feel it in your eyes. And you can see it in the vegetation, which looks like somebody burned it. So look around, walk around, and enjoy – one of the best waterfalls in Costa Rica.


See what others say about us at Google. We have tried to explain our place’s extraordinary beauty in words, videos, and photos. But that is always a bit difficult to do it correctly. So, the only way to fully understand what we are trying to communicate is to go down the steps yourself. As they say: you have to live it! Costa Rica’s best waterfall is awaiting you.

You are more than welcome!

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