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About us – Catarata Del Toro is a private owned reserve of 250 acres or 100 hectares. Located a little north of San José and the internal airport Juan Santamaria. And located on the Caribbean side of the central mountain range. The reserve borders two national parks, Juan Castro Blanco and Poás on both sides for 1.5 miles. This creates a ‘lost in the jungle’ feeling of 50.000 acres or 20.000 hectares. The first neighbor in the south and the north is 0.5 mile away, the east and west part are neighbor free. The valley of Bajos Del Toro, where we are located, is unspoiled: mountains, many more waterfalls, forest, national parks and a lot of wildlife. As said before: unspoiled, what creates a lot of opportunities for sustainable tourism.

Since September 2005 only 10 hectares has been exploited and open for the public. This contains the famous waterfall Catarata Del Toro, one of the waterfalls in Costa Rica you have to see. And since April 2017, on the other side of the property, the second project has been opened: Blue Rapids of Costa Rica. This will be developed to full maturity in the coming 2 or 3 years. Besides those two projects there are also some real estate developments in the form of building lots.

Since 2005 the reserve is owned by a Dutch/Costa Rican couple.

Catarata Del Toro and Blue Rapids of Costa Rica wants to offer their visitors a ‘WOW’ experience. Everything as natural as it is possible. WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. Visitors always leave different as they came in, and hopefully with a special extra love for nature and Costa Rica.

By opening the reserve to the public on Monday to Saturday and offering value for money.

Being aware that the environment, as we know it, is changing rapidly caused by human interference. Please do watch Home and you know where we are talking about. And we know that we have the responsibility to act as a good steward. Our location between two national parks and in cooperation with the authorities gives us a unique change to preserve what we got and create zones and buffers for the ecosystems. Ultimate goal for the owners is to create a special tourist attraction based on the natural beauty of the reserve and surroundings with as less human impact as possible. So that countless people from around the world can be blessed by this reserve: economically, physically and mentally.

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